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Bite Back at Pesky Bed Bugs in Harriman, Loudon, and Kingston, TN

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Do you wake up with tiny red marks on your body? Do you find small spots of blood on your bedsheets? If so, you might need bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are small insects that feed solely on blood. They're attracted to body heat, and they can live in your fabric for over five months.

Pinnacle Termite and Pest Service can inspect your home or business and come up with a bed bug treatment plan for your space in no time. No matter how far your infestation has spread, you can count on our experienced bed bug exterminator to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Call 865-203-2707 today to learn more about our bed bug treatment services. We'll gladly give you a free quote after we inspect your property. Our quotes are based on the number of rooms that need treatment.

Places where bed bugs might be hiding

Although they're most commonly found in beds, as their name suggests, bed bugs can infest all kinds of spots, including your:

  • Couches
  • Shoes
  • Carpets
  • Clothing
  • Curtains

To get bed bugs out of your home for good, schedule an appointment with a reliable bed bug exterminator today in Kingston, Loudon, Harriman, TN and all surrounding areas.